Tourist arrivals soar at Yangon International Airport

Yangon International Airport has seen a dramatic increase in international arrivals from 1.6 million tourists in 2009 to 3.08 million tourists in 2012, according to statics from the Myanmar’s Aviation Department.

Yangon International Airport can handle 2.7 million tourists annually and upgrading work for the airport is already underway to accommodate more visitors.

The airport is expected to handle 6 million tourists annually after upgrades are completed but tourist arrivals experts say that this will not suffice if the current rate of arrivals continues to rise.

Myanmar is also planning to build a new international airport in Hantharwady which is expected to start operations in 2017, according to Tin Naing Tun, director of the Aviation Department.

“The Hantharwady International Airport will be built next year and the project is expected to finish in 2017. It is the first priority for our ministry. It will be a big affect for the country and in the region,” Transport Minister Nyan Tun said.

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