High tourist season attracting many visitors to Mandalay region

More than 160,000 tourists have entered Mandalay region during the high season from October to November.
Currently, many home-stay places are mushrooming in Mandalay to cater to the tourists, according to tour guides and residents.
“At the start of this travel season, more travellers are entering through Mandalay’s Tada-U airport. Most travellers prefer to stay at home-stay places because it is less expensive compared to hotels,” said a tour guide.
“Only foreigners sent by their companies, not ordinary tourists, and accompanied by responsible persons are allowed to reside at home-stay places. If any foreigners residing at home-stay places break the visa rules, both of them will be charged,” said an official from the Immigration and National Registration Department, Mandalay Region.
Moreover, the Regional Government has been criticised for allowing foreign visitors to drive motorcycles to go around Mandalay and nearby areas.
“Visitors from foreign countries do not have permission to drive cars or motorcycles. This is dangerous for them, too. If any accidents happen to them, a big responsibility will be on the Regional Government,” said Soe Moe, a tour guide.
Foreigners entering Mandalay Region was 23,877 in June, 25,839 in July, 28,010 in August, 27,486 in September and more than 44,000 in October, according to Immigration and National Registration Department, Mandalay Region.
Because of increased in tourists and strong dollar, service sector, tourist places and related businesses are currently enjoying the boom, although parking spaces are insufficient at tourist attractions in the evenings when most tourists visit to watch the sunset.
This year, the Mandalay Region has 329 hotels and guesthouses with over 14,000 rooms in total, according to the statement issued by Directorate of Hotels and Tourism.

Source : Eleven Myanmar