Ethnic Naga want home-stay law for foreigners


Foreigners at a traditional Naga cultural festival. (Photo-Aung Thu Tun)

Ethnic Naga leaders want a home-stay law to allow foreign travellers to stay in their houses, while also allowing them to travel freely travel in the region.

The Naga national conference was held in Hkamti, Sagaing Region, releasing a 27-point statement.

“We want a home-stay law enacted for foreign missionaries and travellers,” Shu Maung, the conference secretary, said.

Zaung Wint Phyoe, a conference member, said: “Our aim is to prevent businessmen from monopolising ecotourism in our region and to protect our land. Another is to protect our fundamental rights. We want the home-stay law to be enacted in accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.”

The Naga also want the Union government to recognise them so they can directly deal with international development associations in the region.

They demanded better roads and bridges, improved communications, education and health.

About 4 million ethnic Naga live in Myanmar and India. Layshi, Lahal and Nanywan in the Sagaing Region were designated as a Naga self-administered province under the 2008 Constitution.

Source : Eleven Myanmar